Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the Cumbrian Martyrs’ Parish:

We, Father Jim and the People of God desire to be faithful to Christ’s command: “Go out to the whole world and proclaim the Good News!” [Mark 16:5] This Parish seeks to bring the Good News to the people of the west side of Carlisle and all others who would like to listen.

The Cumbrian Martyrs’ Parish is established with in the Diocese of Lancaster, England. We in Cumbrian Martyrs’ are to share in the mission of Jesus Christ, through our baptism, and “go out to the whole world, proclaim the Good News to all creation. He who believes and is baptised will be saved; he who does not believe will be condemned.”[Mark 16:16]

This mission is centred on the Eucharist, and through this Paschal Mystery, we in the parish seek to be witnesses to His “love” and “unity”. We hope to build up the worshipping community so that we can look outwards to the lost, the marginalised and the downtrodden.

St. Bede's Church in Carlisle
St. Edmund's Church in Carlisle
St. Edmund's Church in Carlisle

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