Downloadable Resources for Easter

​This coming Easter will be quite different to any Easter celebrated in living memory, to aid the faithful during this tumultuous period the Bishops Conference has prepared a handful of documents available to download and use in your home this Easter. Please check their website for updated guidance throughout this period. 

When Mass cannot be celebrated publicly 

Holy Week & Paschal Triduum 

Prayers & Readings 

The Readings of the Sunday Liturgy of the Word and a simple form of prayer based on the above leaflet.

Prayer at Home 

Simple liturgies for use by small family groups or individuals. Adapted from material prepared by Liturgy Brisbane. The pdfs are available as A5 (for use on tablets and some printers can print as an A4 booklet) and A4.

For Young Families 

 A Way of the Cross prepared by the Marriage and Family Life Office and the Wintershall Family Trust.

At Home in Holy Week Retreat

Members of the Spirituality Committee have put together a resource for each day of Holy Week so that people can 'Make a Retreat at Home. The material draws on the readings of the day and Liturgy of the Hours to punctuate each day with prayer and reflection.

Holy Week & Paschal Triduum

Easter Week 

​To follow...

Sunday Prayer & Readings 

 To help individuals, groups and families pray together when Mass is not available the following resources are provided. The Readings of the Sunday Liturgy of the Word and a simple form of prayer based on the above leaflet.

Fifth Sunday of Lent, Year A

Suspension of Masses and Services


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Friday, 29 May 2020

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