Arrangements for Holy Mass during the time of pandemic

Masses will resume at St Bede's this coming weekend at the following times and with the restrictions detailed below.

  • Vigil Mass 6pm Saturday
  • Morning Mass 9.30am Sunday

Available space: 8 places for Households (at the front); 32 places for a single person OR a couple; A lot of guess work is here involved. If we think of Households as 4 people, and suggest that 16 of the 32 places will be couples, we arrive at an approximate figure of 80 per Mass.

We are using a 1 meter plus policy

  • People with symptoms of the virus and those shielding should not attend church; at this time Mass is not obligatory
  • Whilst waiting to enter church social distancing must be observed
  • When the church is 'full', regrettably no one else will be able to enter
  • Please bring your own face mask
  • Hand sanitising gel will be available or you may wish to use your own. Hands must be sanitised as you enter church
  • A steward will guide you to a place via a given route (side aisles) so as to minimise contact with others. It will not be possible to sit in your 'usual' place
  • There should be no physical contact with others except of the same household
  • To minimise risk of transmission of the infection lavatories will not be available
  • Mass will be shorter than usual: one reading will be omitted as will bidding prayers and there will be no singing
  • There will be a basket available for your offertory collection as you leave the church
  • Holy Communion will be distributed at the end of Mass after the blessing along the altar rain, please stand at the marked spots and the priest will come to you
  • A steward will guide you out bench by bench and section by section
  • Whilst waiting please use this time as an opportunity for prayer
  • You should remain 1 meter apart from the priest whilst receiving Holy Communion
  • On reception of Holy Communion please leave church immediately via the main aisle (nave).
This Sunday is the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time Ye...
Suspension of Masses and Services


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Saturday, 06 March 2021

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