This goes back to the last administration of President Obama, who under "Obama Care" issued that all institutions must provide contraceptives in their employee health insurance. The Little Sisters who look after the poor elderly patients fought this and lost under Obama. But President Trump reversed the order. Now we see how the United Nations are so anti life and being very mischievous!!!!

I received this appeal yesterday...… can you help??

Dear James:

I am furious, and so should you be. A UN committee has actually told the U.S. government that it may not protect an order of Nuns who do not want to pay for artificial contraception which would violate their religious freedom.

There is now a full-scale attack on pro-lifers at the UN, and we must band together to stop them.

A few weeks ago, the UN Human Rights Committee told the United States to "review" several pro-life policies that the American people support.

1. The UN orders the U.S. to do away with Mexico City Policy, which forbids American money from supporting abortion groups overseas.

2. The UN Committee says the President must rescind his executive order on free speech and religious liberty.

3. The Committee says the Little Sisters of the Poor must provide contraceptives in their employee health insurance.

4. The Committee even went after the various U.S. States that have enacted sensible abortion regulations like requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges at the local hospital.

This is an overreach on a massive scale. The UN has no such right to tell the U.S. or ANY OTHER COUNTRY what to do on the question of abortion and contraception. And the United Nations has NO RIGHT to limit the religious freedom of citizens anywhere in the world.

The UN has long been the home of anti-life, anti-family, and anti-Christian radicals. Even now, a group that is very close to C-Fam has come under attack from leftist governments and leftist media outlets. And I suspect, they are coming for C-Fam next.

This is why this is happening. BECAUSE THEY ARE LOSING. The only way they can win is by lying and then using the UN apparatus to punish those who are beating them.

We have made great strides in recent years.

Reproductive health is controversial again! Along with our allies, we did that.

Comprehensive sexuality education is poison again. Along with our allies, we did that, too.

Sexual orientation and gender identity cannot even get a hearing at the UN. Our allies and we did that, too!

So, they are coming for pro-life governments, and they are coming for pro-life groups.

As you know, C-Fam is small and poor, but we sure do get a lot done on what we have. There are only five of us. FIVE! And we have won so many victories and driven the leftists quite mad.

We are in constant need of your prayers and your financial assistance. We are up against billion-dollar UN agencies and powerful governments. We get by on the widow's mite.

And we need you today, right now, to fight this fight that is getting more dangerous every single day.

You should understand that this is an emergency. UN committees are ordering the U.S. to dismantle protections for the unborn child. Powerful governments are harassing and bullying pro-life groups. It is getting very nasty here because WE ARE WINNING, AND THEY CANNOT STAND IT.

Has God so blessed you that you can contribute $1000 to our cause? How about $500? $100? $35? Any amount helps us fight back against the anti-life, anti-family, anti-Christian bullies.

We need you right now.

Yours in Christ,

Austin Ruse
Editor & Publisher/Friday Fax

PS Many thanks to our close friends at the Population Research Institute for alerting us to this new report attacking the United States.



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Saturday, 06 March 2021

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