A small group of parishioners have run a CAFOD group in St Bedes for approximately 30 years: Over this time we have had great support from various Parish Priests allowing us to use the Rectory for our Soup Lunches.

Our group started after a talk by Frank Cross. We started with 4 members: Gordon Wilson, Lena Hutchinson, Sheila (nee Brown) and Maureen Boyle. We decided that the best way to raise money was to have a monthly Soup Lunch... a social occasion, as well as raising regular amounts of money to send to CAFOD Headquarters. A bank account was opened to collect money raised.

We provide soup and a roll with tea or coffee (at present at a cost of £1.50 per person). We also hold a raffle. The venue as previously mentioned is St. Bedes’ Rectory, the average attendance at the Soup Lunch is ten to twelve people, we would like more people to join our friendly group, where a warm welcome would be assured.

As well as the Soup Lunches, sponsored walks have also taken place over the years including a walk at Talkin Tarn one Boxing Day when the temperature was minus 12C!!!!

Cafod in Carlisle
Cafod in Carlisle at St Bede's Church

This is Maureen Boyle - taken on 12th October 18

The CAFOD Representative for St Bede’s is Maureen Boyle who organises the twice yearly Family Fast Day, a big thank you goes to everyone who contributes to these collections along with special thanks to Frank Beattie for giving the talks about CAFOD’s work at the Masses prior to Family Fast Day, the money raised on these days is sent to the Diocese (thanks also to David Carrick who deals with this for us).

Cafod in Carlisle at St Bede's Church
Cafod in Carlisle at St Bede's Church
Cafod in Carlisle at St Bede's Church

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