Our Schools

Newman Catholic School, Carlisle

At Newman Catholic School we are committed to the high achievement of all our students. We cultivate success and foster the highest aspirations through excellent teaching. We are a learning community which has high expectations and actively seeks to celebrate the good in every individual. Newman School is built on the Christian values of trust, respect and compassion.

We inspire an enthusiasm for life-long learning and are committed to success for all.

Students have access to a wide ranging opportunities and we encourage lifelong learning. Each individual is valued and we promote an ethos of care and respect.

Newman School opened in 1967 and we are very proud of our long history of achievements gained by our students. Our expectations are high and we continue to ‘raise the bar’. The small sixth form ensures that all of our students individual needs are catered for which in turn ensures each and everyone makes their expected progress.

Our students continue to be successful in their transition from school to employment, apprenticeships and further education and training. Students receive individual guidance on their next steps and we are proud to say that our school leaver statistics are above the national average with almost 100% of our students selecting appropriate future steps.

Newman Catholic School seeks to provide a distinctly Catholic education in partnership with parents, families, the local Church and wider community. Each individual is encouraged to be the best person that they can be and is both nurtured and challenged in a safe and secure environment. Mutual respect is at the heart of our school community and Gospel values of peace, justice and reconciliation are of paramount importance.

At Newman Catholic School we pride ourselves on the level of pastoral care our students are offered. Each student, and their individual qualities, is known to us and we are able to identify and react quickly to help our students in every way possible to achieve their full potential. We are renown for going that extra mile and offering first class levels of support. Each Year group has a dedicated Head of Year who works with them from their first day in Year 7 until they finish Year 11. A Student Support Officer is also available throughout the day providing advice and guidance.


St Bede's Roman Catholic School, Carlisle

St. Bede’s is a happy, healthy and caring school – a school in which all individuals are valued and respected.

A school where Jesus Christ is at the centre of all that we do and say.

A school that encourages everybody to reach their full potential in whatever they attempt.

A school where all of our children feel safe, secure and know how to cope with success and failure.

A school where we encourage our children to become responsible citizens of the future.


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