St Bedes Cleaning Rota 2019

Week ending Sunday  
28th April Fatima's Team (Deep Clean)
5th May Music Team
12th May Joan's Team
19th May Bogushas Team
26th May Fatima's Team (Deep Clean)
2nd June Music Team
9th June Joan's Team
16th June Bogushas Team
23rd June Fatima's Team (Deep Clean)
30th June Music Team
7th July Joan's Team
14th July Bogushas Team
21st July Fatima's Team (Deep Clean)
28th July Music Team
4th August Joan's Team
11th August Bogushas Team

St Edmunds Rotas - Click to zoom

Eucharistic Minister's Rota Saturday - Click to zoom

Eucharistic Minister's Rota Sunday - Click to zoom

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